Paul: Guitar   Steif: Roadie / Vox support  Baby: Vox  Gerry: Drums  Blumi: Bass  Pilani: Guitar


The band was formed in summer 2002, with final lineup of Erebos in 2003. Our style is Melodic Deathmetal with several influences. Some of the members were involved in other band projects before. The first release Crucifixion Made In Austria demo was released in spring 2003 – ( 500 copies ). The demo got very good reviews and so we decided to play our songs live. We have won a lot of fans and want to record our debut album. During autumn and winter 2003 we were working for new material. In February and March 2004 we recorded our new songs again a friend..s hobby studio. Our album The Chaos Chronicle was released on 27th of April 2004. Our highspots were to play at the Kaltenbach Open Air 04 + 07 with great bands like Impaled Nazarene, Tankard, Naglfar, Pungent Stench, Avulsed, Behemoth, Vader,… and to support Fornication from Brazil, Grave from Sweden and Vital Remains from the US for one show in Austria. In August 06 we entered „el-war studio“ in Carinthia to record „Descent to Beyond“. Several gigs followed to promote the album. Gigs with Requiem from Switzerland, Distastrous Murmur from Austria, and at Kaltenbach Open Air 2010 followed. In the last years several gigs were played…

 At the moment we are working on our next album.